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Media job: integration quality without ifs and buts

Medialjob is the reliable partner in the changing world of work. Our core competence lies in dealing with people in a committed manner as well as in passionate work. We know that real connections do not arise from facts and data - they require the interaction of all those involved. Although we are a young and dynamic company, we have established ourselves as a fixed and goal-oriented figure in the field of specific recruitment. Media job has successfully established itself in numerous branches. These include the medical sector, the care sector and the tourism industry.

Media job: Future prospects for foreign applicants

Our goal is to open up opportunities and perspectives on the German labor market, especially to people from other cultures, and to promote their potential in the long term. Our work therefore focuses on sustainable integration. Experience, goal-oriented personnel management, extensive language skills and our ethical principles go hand in hand to enable applicants to integrate quickly in the form of performance-based jobs.

We see ourselves as a multicultural interface between applicants and clients. We convey to employees from abroad in an understandable way the many special features of our lifestyle as well as the Central European culture. We only use colleagues who stand for successful integration with their enormous practical experience and commitment. These are trained in a wide variety of areas. Medialjob is characterized by its ability and willingness to put itself in the traits of people.

Media job: trend-setting in terms of recruitment

Due to the shortage of skilled workers, companies face the permanent challenge of tracking down new talent. There is a media job so that the time-consuming search process does not become a resource-consuming feat. Although successful integration takes time, we are able to react quickly when looking for qualified staff and when there are staff shortages. To do this, we take a close look, ask specific questions and think ahead with ideas. We focus on class instead of mass and take time for applicants. It takes about a week for us to present suitable candidates.

The use of know-how and country-specific background knowledge is essential for successful recruitment. Only if the integration management is correct before, during and after work attitudes does nothing stand in the way of a sovereign integration into ongoing production and work processes. We have mastered our profession from the ground up, media job stands out from the broad mass of personnel service providers. Through innovative solutions, we achieve sustainable success in filling vacancies and new positions.

Medialjob supports companies with a wide range of services when it comes to recruiting. We use a wide range of options. Our comprehensive concepts and strategies offer a high degree of flexibility and entrepreneurial scope. With our large pool of qualified specialists, we bring companies far ahead. We pay particular attention to talent from Romania. We run a training center there to prepare applicants for the peculiarities of the German labor market on site.

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