MedialJob presents a new training concept for registered nursing staff

The shortage of skilled workers is becoming increasingly evident in many areas of the German economy. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to find ambitious and qualified employees in the healthcare industry. At MedialJob, we have made it our task to provide you with well-trained and highly motivated specialists from Romania with whom you can counteract your shortage of staff in the long term.
We are aware that your new team members must not only have sound specialist knowledge and sufficient knowledge of the German language, but also a high level of willingness to integrate into society and existing company-specific structures. These factors are the basic conditions for making an applicant a valued part of your workforce. For this reason, we take the greatest care when selecting candidates on site. Only if we are convinced of their qualifications will we take the second step with the applicants and prepare them thoroughly for their new tasks in Germany.
As part of our diverse training measures, we have now decided to open a language and integration school in Bucharest. Suitable aspirants should not only be given specialist knowledge, but also the basics of the German language and an understanding of the cultural differences between the two countries.

What is different with us?

With our offer we address motivated people between the ages of 20 and 35 who are interested in a long-term employment relationship in Germany. In a five-month course, the young applicants are thoroughly prepared for their assignment in German hospitals and nursing homes.
During this time they acquire basic knowledge of the German language at level A2, which is considered a solid basis for the further development of language skills. Thanks to this comprehensive training, applicants are excellently equipped for their work in German companies, both professionally and linguistically.

Emigration to a new country is always associated with a change of culture. So that this does not come as a shock to the newcomers, we familiarize them with German ethics and the peculiarities of the world of work and the differences in daily life during their training in Romania. The willingness to adapt to a different way of life and work is essential to make successful integration possible.
Since we consider the combination of language acquisition and the promotion of professional qualifications to be an extremely promising way of integrating Romanian workers into the German labor market, we strongly encourage this form of personnel development.
In return, the participants undertake to be available to us for at least nine months after completing their free training in Bucharest. During this time, we refer all nurses and nursing assistants who have successfully completed the course to our customers in Germany.

We are sure that you can also benefit from our improved range in a variety of ways. From February 2019, the first qualified graduates of this innovative training program will be available for employment in your company.
In this case, of course, you can also rely on comprehensive support from our employees. In close cooperation with the decision-makers in your company, we first create a professional needs analysis. We support you in the selection of a suitable candidate and are of course available to you with advice and action during the training period of the new team member. Of course, even after the successful integration of a new employee, you will always find a competent contact person who will be happy to answer your questions.
If you are looking for qualified and motivated people with whom you can achieve your entrepreneurial goals, we would be happy to inform you in detail about our new initiative. Just give us a call and arrange your personal consultation today.

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