Media job, your reliable partner as a connection between you and your potential new employees. As a personnel management agency, we identify with the idea of long-term support in personnel matters.

Recruitment process

First interview
Direct search for potential employees
Selection interviews
Candidate presentation
Completion and arrival of the employee

Information about the exact process

1st initial interview:

  • A meaningful requirement profile is the basis for long-term involvement of the employees in your company.
  • You describe your needs to us and we work out a detailed and detailed position description together. We then check whether there are any conflicts of interest and determine the search strategy.

2. Direct search of employees:

  • We begin the direct search for executives with extensive and fast market and database research. We also use our contacts with insiders for the detailed search to receive recommendations. After an assessment of the potential managers, the Direct approach, to clarify whether the candidates are interested in a new challenge. In the course of this research and validation process of direct contact, the first list of candidates is created.

3. Selection interviews:

  • In the selection interviews with the potential employees, we check their qualifications. Above all, however, we get a direct and detailed impression of the personality, motivation and goals of each candidate.
    We show him or her what opportunities and challenges the position to be filled offers and clarify the conditions under which he / she would be willing to change.
    After a detailed evaluation of the interviews and a comparison with the requirement profile, we create a list of the optimal candidates in the process of executive search and prepare confidential dossiers, which contain the essential information for the respective candidate as a management summary. We present you with the most suitable specialists and you decide who we should invite for an interview.

4. Candidate presentation:

  • We will introduce you to the selected candidates in a personal interview and obtain further references. Then we advise you on the selection of the top executives and support you with our knowledge of human nature and our experience from numerous interviews.

5. Completion and arrival of the employee:

  • Our recruitment process ends with the hiring of the desired candidate.

We are still there for you!

We support you in the integration of the candidate you want and take over the rejection information to the other candidates. If the employment contract with the hired candidate is terminated, we offer you a free of charge new procurement within the first month.

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